mpeg2dec-debuginfo: Debug information for package mpeg2dec

Name:mpeg2dec-debuginfo Vendor:VideoLAN Project (
Version:0.5.1 License:GPL
Release:6.4 URL:
This package provides debug information for package mpeg2dec. Debug information is useful when developing applications that use this package or when debugging this package.

Arch: i586

Build Date:Tue Aug 3 12:54:49 2010
Packager:Dominique Leuenberger <dominique-rpm{%}leuenberger{*}net>
Size:32 KiB

Arch: x86_64

Build Date:Tue Aug 3 13:34:19 2010
Packager:Dominique Leuenberger <dominique-rpm{%}leuenberger{*}net>
Size:30 KiB


* Fri Oct 20 14:00:00 2006 Dominique Leuenberger <dominique-rpm{%}leuenberger{*}net>
- Initial release
* Sun Dec 3 13:00:00 2006 Dominique Leuenberger <dominique-rpm{%}leuenberger{*}net>
- Fixed group memberships for Yast tools
- First public released package
* Sun Jan 21 13:00:00 2007 Dominique Leuenberger <dominique-rpm{%}leuenberger{*}net>
- Updated to Version 0.4.1 (SVN 1146)
- Peter Gubanov found a bug in the 4:4:4 chroma handling, Nicolas Joly 
  found a memory leak in the Xshm code on remote displays and Roberto Huelga 
  found alignment issues in the sample3 and sample5 examples. 
  Gildas Bazin contributed a patch for more tolerance for invalid 
  sequence display extensions.

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